Who We Are

Cyberedge has been serving the industry since 2019 and has been providing cutting-edge and custom software applications to a wide array of industries. We believe in listening to clients’ ideas and transforming these ideas into custom software solutions from scratch. From gathering initial requirements to a masterful execution, from prototyping and testing to deployment, we ensure a high level of workmanship and innovation at every step of the way. Our professional developers are well-versed in the art of developing Node Js applications for a wide array of modern platforms, such as smartphones and cloud applications.

The CEO & Founder of Cyberedge Solutions is an Information technology Enthusiast who believes in the potential and power of emerging technologies to enhance the quality of in-house or outsourced development processes. With over two decades of resourceful experience in the field, he understands the gaps in the field. This is why we offer tailored software solutions to bridge the gaps and offer seamless development life cycles and fitting solutions to complex problems.

Our Vision

We believe in bridging the gap between businesses and profitability with end-to-end and innovative software solutions that drive home more business. Furthermore, we believe in digitalizing traditional and outdated practices and making everything available at clients' fingertips within seconds. Our core principles and strict adherence to innovation and evolution have further encouraged us to invest our resources in modern-era development solutions. We aspire to offer the best possible outcomes and solutions for our clients' problems and believe in greatness.

Our Mission

As an organization, we follow a singular mission that dictates the importance of modern technological advancements for the betterment of our society. We believe that everything that we create has an exponential impact on those around us. This is why stick to the best development practices and foster an environment to promote equality, innovation, and ingenuity. We bring change through smart software solutions and nurture the leaders of tomorrow.